Saturday, 6 October 2007

Erith Marshes campaign success

Jean's role in the is reported in this week's Bexley Times.

A SUPERMARKET'S decision to change plans to build on marsh land has delighted environmental campaigners.

Asda applied to build a unit to recycle their plastics and cardboard on the Southmere Green part of Erith Marshes in October last year. But now they have submitted plans to refurbish an existing building on the marshes at Crabtree Manor Way North, Belvedere, for the service centre. Green campaigners were celebrating the withdrawal of the plans for the original site after they wrote to Asda outlining the environmental importance of the Southmere Green.

Jean Lambert MEP, who wants to get the land designated as a Greenfield site, restricting it from industrial development said: "Southmere Green on Erith Marshes is recognised as having high biodiversity, landscape and public green space value, as well as an important flood management role. It is completely wrong for it to be developed when there are far more suitable sites locally. The only reason for allowing development is the planning history for which Bexley council is responsible."

Bexley council plans to build a build an industrial park on the Southmere Green in Erith Marshes.

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