Saturday, 3 November 2007

Jean loves the NHS

Green Party Keep the NHS Public placard above crowds in Trafalgar Square
Jean voiced her support today's “I Love NHS” demonstration as thousands of people marched through Westminster against the financial cuts and creeping privatisation of the NHS which will have a threaten good patient care. Jean says,

“We should treasure the fact that our NHS is universally accessible and must be vigilant about the threat from the Government to privatise. I do not believe that handing over the provision of services to private providers is in the best interests of the NHS or the people who rely on it.”

“Whilst we have an enviable health service there is much that can be done to improve it. The NHS performs poorly in comparison to other European countries on issues such as MRSA infection rates and waiting times. We needto invest more to ensure that all support staff receive appropriate trainingand are paid at least the living wage, currently £7.20 per hour in London.If we fail essential staff like cleaners we inevitably fail patients.”

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