Monday, 26 January 2009

First London Euro Election Poll

Earlier this month, YouGov released the first of their polls on the European election. While the Green Party nationally is polling at 5%, in London it is polling at 8% - a credit to Jean's hard work over the last ten years, as well as the effort put in by hundreds of activists during the 2008 London Assembly/Mayoral elections.

However, 8% is only a base that we must build on! In 2004, the Green Party in London achieved 8.4% of the vote (159,000 votes) and Jean was re-elected - but we can do better this time...and we must, to continue building on the progress that the Party has made in the last five years. For example, in the 2008 London Assembly list vote, 203,000 people in London voted Green. Even better, 332,000 voters gave Sian Berry their second preference vote, and 409,000 people voted for her in total.

If all of those people voted Green again in June - we wouldn't just be talking about re-electing Jean....but also electing Ute Michel, the second placed candidate on the Green Party Euro list. A massive ask, no doubt - but since only the Greens have the courage and foresight to deal with the problems that we face, a result we should be aiming for!

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