Monday, 23 February 2009

Jean supports Croydon Save Our Schools

Jean was in Croydon a few weeks ago, supporting the Croydon Save Our Schools campaign, along with local Green Party members and activists. The ongoing protests oppose Croydon Council's controversial plans for the future of schools in the borough. The National Union of Teachers went on strike in five schools on 27 January, the first day of consultation on controversial plans which could see community schools turned into academies or trust schools. As a former teacher, Jean knows more than most about the dangers of academies! More information is available here.

Jean later commented:

"Academies are not just an exercise in rebranding. I believe that they represent a shift in the balance of power between the providers of education and the community they serve. While local authorities continue to pay the bills, their power is reduced, partly because controls are given over to the academy's sponsors.

"Academies do not have to apply the full national curriculum, unlike state schools, and they can also introduce other innovations, like specialisation, as such schools are deemed to be "failing" and in need of a makeover. My main concern is that turning Croydon's schools into academies will alter their democratic accountability and relationships with the community."

For more information on the whole campaign, check out the Croydon SOS website

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