Thursday, 5 March 2009

International Women's Day

Over the next few days, Jean will be speaking at and attending a series of events to celebrate International Women's Day 2009. In keeping with her Parliamentary focus on employment rights, she has released a press statement on gender equality in the workplace, and tomorrow (Friday 6th March) she will be speaking at a public meeting on international solidarity for those struggling for women's rights across the world.

Meanwhile, Jean's office is supporting the One In Ten campaign against sexual violence, and this afternoon Jean was speaking at a protest for equal rights organised by the Dalit Solidarity Network (see press release below).

All of this on just one issue - and we haven't even blogged about Jean's work in other areas over the last week - a public meeting on climate change in Hackney, speaking at the Convention on Modern Liberties and the '6 Billion Ways' conference on the same day, and all of her work in Strasbourg too!

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- International Women's Day event at Indian High Commission

Jean Lambert, Patron of the Dalit Solidarity Network and Green Party MEP for London, will be speaking at a protest at the Indian High Commission on Thursday 5th March at 4pm to call for dignified work and decent wages for Dalits.

The protest marks International Women's Day, since the majority of the 1.3 million people of 'untouchable' caste status in India are women, and are forced to earn their living by doing dangerous and degrading work in appalling conditions. Many have no choice but to earn a living by collecting human faeces, using only their bare hands and simple tools.

The protest will call on the Indian Government to release a substantial pot of money that has been set-aside for providing these 'manual scavengers' with education, healthcare and decent jobs.

Jean Lambert MEP, who is a member of the European Parliament's South Asia delegation and who frequently highlights the situation of the Dalits, said:

"We must show much more support to the struggle against such discrimination. This requires action at all political levels, both across the EU and in the countries concerned.

"I reject the idea that some human beings are considered "impure" or "polluted" just because they were born into a certain caste. Everyone is entitled to basic human rights. In the 21st century, no human being should be considered "untouchable"."

For more information about the event please contact the Dalit Solidarity Network UK at dalitsnuk[at] or 020 7501 8323.

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