Monday, 10 December 2007

Jean Re-selected

Jean Lambert - London's Green MEP Jean has been re-selected overwhelmingly as London Green Party's first preference candidate for the European elections in 2009. Second on the list is Lewisham Councillor Ute Michel, third is London Policy Co-ordinator Shahrar Ali and fourth is the party's International Co-ordinator Joseph Healey. Full results depend on whether London is confirmed with 8 or 9 seats in the Parliament from 2009.

Thanks to everyone who worked to re-select Jean.

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Sue Luxton said...

Great news, and the huge majority by which Jean was re-selected is a testament to her hard work over the past years. Also delighted that Ute got second place, she would also make an excellent MEP and has really proved herself as a local councillor in Lewisham. She has a (newish) blog, which she will hopefully be maintaining now she is second place on the list: