Saturday, 22 November 2008

Campaigning in full swing!

Despite the recent silence from this blog, never fear - campaigning to re-elect Jean Lambert MEP is in full swing! In the coming month or two, expect to see lots of ways to get involved - including the ability to donate online to the campaign, to volunteer to help, and to spread the word (both virtually and offline) about London's most progressive MEP.

If you want to do something right now, why not contact your local Green Party and offer your help with distributing the winter edition of London Green News? We need to get thousands of copies through letterboxes in the next few weeks - especially since the front page is dedicated to highlighting Jean's work on the Green New Deal.

Also, if you are on Facebook - why not become one of Jean's supporters, and get your friends to do the same? Just visit Jean's page and join us!

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Joseph said...

Good post on the Socialist Unity site and important that the left are aware that there is a good solid left candidate standing who delivers on many of the issues which are important to progressives.

As another Green Party Euro candidate in the region, I am also an active trade unionist and very involved in the anti-war movement, being the party's rep on the Stop the War Steering Group. I gather that Jean's speech on Saturday was very good and factual, although many people could not hear the speeches as the demo was so big.

I am amazed at George Monbiot's piece in today's Guardian arguing for a Tory vote in the general election because of the spineless decision by NU Labour to capitulate to the business as usual agenda on Heathrow airport.

European legislation is already being breached re Heathrow pollution and it is vital that we have strong Green MEPs in the new European Parliament to continue the battle against Heathrow expansion, along with civil resistance on the ground. The voting records of Tory MEPs in the parliament will indicate that nothing can be expected from that quarter - which is why it is even more important to ensure that Jean is re-elected.