Thursday, 2 April 2009

Labour defends worker exploitation

While still ludicrously claiming to be the party of the ordinary worker, the Labour Government have been putting in its own overtime defending the British opt-out from the Working Time Directive. Refusing to give way to the resolution which was led by Jean and passed by the European Parliament in recent months, our government continues to stand up for the 'right' of big business to exploit ordinary working people.

Meanwhile, you can see just how hard Jean has been working in her latest e-newsletter.

Also, further to the recent article on this blog about the Putting People First march, you may be interested to see the Green Party statement on the massive police overreaction in London over the last few days. Again, it is indicative of the Government we have, and how far it is from the Government we need, that they allow this kind of brutality to occur without a word of criticism or censure. Let's start voting in politicians who'll allow the people to speak, and who'll listen to them when they do!

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