Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Mark Thomas - Greens are Great!

The Green Party are the only national political force seriously fighting against neoliberalism, the economic doctrine that got us into this mess. Don't believe us? Maybe you'll listen to Mark Thomas, as he endorses the Green Party and its MEPs:

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Major Parus said...

Of course it is important that we don’t ride roughshod over resistance to the third runway at Heathrow – can’t argue with that. Why the Labour Government want to push this through is the great unanswered question. Yes, what happened to the Greens? I remember they aligned their colours to Labour in the London Mayoral elections. Presumably because they identified so much with Labour values – pandering to giant corporations in the teeth of opposition, buggering up the economy big time, snouts in the trough at every opportunity, greedy, self serving, egotistical veniality, slavish adherence to what the whips demand (some would sell their children to Madonna if the whips told them to) and back stabbing the like of Livia and Tiberius would have baulked at – the suggestion being that Boris was not to be trusted. Hmmm? Tell me Greenies, are the Labour Party for eugenics and selling snake oil as well? Was that why you did it?