Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Jean endorsed by LGBT activists

Regular readers may remember a previous post about the work that Jean has been doing to highlight and stand up against homophobia in Eastern Europe. It is that work, as part of an extensive record of work on LGBT issues in the European Parliament, that has earned the endorsement of UK Gay News in the last few days.

For more details on Jean's record on LGBT issues, you could click the links above - or read on below....who better than Peter Tatchell to explain?

"I am backing Jean Lambert and the Green list in the European elections. They have the best policies on LGBT issues and Jean has a proven record of effective, inspiring campaigning in the European Parliament" said LGBT human rights campaigner and Green Party human rights spokesperson, Peter Tatchell.

"Green Party MEPs are committed to promoting LGBT equality across Europe and to defeating homophobic and transphobic discrimination within the UK. Jean is a member of the LGBT Intergroup in the European Parliament. She led calls for new Europe-wide anti-discrimination legislation, to protect EU citizens against discrimination on grounds of age, sexual orientation, disability and faith or belief. Currently the EU laws on gender and race are stronger than those on other grounds. The Greens believe that all types of discrimination should be covered equally."

"Together with her fellow UK Green MEP, Caroline Lucas, Jean has publicly condemned the homophobic attacks on LGBT Pride marches in Latvia, Poland and Russia. She also advocates the recognition of same-sex marriage throughout the EU.

"Jean campaigned to secure the recognition of UK civil partnerships in France. She has been outspoken in defending LGBT refugees fleeing persecution in homophobic countries like Iran, Jamaica, Iraq and Uganda.

"She was also instrumental in persuading the European Commission to add a new clause to the financial agreement for structural funds, which resulted in EU funding being withheld from a journalism school linked to the anti-Semitic and homophobic Radio Maryja in Poland"

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