Friday, 29 May 2009

Laps of Parliament Square

En route to stopping at Tothill Hill street, just near Westminster Abbey, we passed by the Tamils protest on Parliament Square. Jean gave a message of support (below) to them through our amplified mic, and expressed her disgust at the UN's decision not to investigate alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka, given the horrendous human rights violations that have taken place during the conflict.


Jean Lambert's message of support to Tamil protesters and Brian Haw:

“This is the Green Party supporting the Tamil people in their struggle for autonomy, condemning the United Nations for not supporting the calls for an inquiry into the violence which has been happening in the north of Sri Lanka. This is the Green Party calling for a full inquiry into what war crimes have been committed, what weapons have been used, and how many of the Tamil people have died in this appalling conflict."

“This is the Green Party supporting those who have lost family, who know nothing of what has happened to their friends or relations in the north of Sri Lanka."

“This is the Green Party in support of Brian Haw and his ongoing support for all those suffering from war and deprivation. Brian should be allowed to stay in Parliament Square as long as he wants to but we want to see our troops home, we want to see an end to the violence.”

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