Friday, 29 May 2009

Route of Bus on Friday and Saturday

After Sipson, the schedule for the bus -- you can smell it coming, the biofuel makes it smell like chips (not teen spirit) -- is as follows:

11am to 1245pm - driving from Sipson to London Metropolitan University, Holloway Road, via Southall, Acton, Ealing, etc.

1245pm - London Metropolitan University, for the "State of the Nigerian Nation" Summit, Holloway Road

3pm - outside the Houses of Parliament, Westminster, Millbank

530pm - East Side, Waterloo Bridge, Critical Mass cycle event

On Saturday, there will be a refueling of the bus first thing in the morning (at Uptown Oil, King James St, Southwark) at 10am, then Brixton Market (11am), New Cross Gate (1230pm), then Whitechapel High Street, a bike escort through Hackney, a drive up through Green Lanes, finishing at Green Party stalls at Crouch End Broadway, Haringey.

I wish we had a GPS tracking/London Marathon chip thing to track the bus for you, but there you go.

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