Friday, 29 May 2009

Report From Sipson Stop - Heathrow Expansion

In Sipson, Jean met John Stewart from HACAN ClearSkies (top photo, above left) and a number of local residents from Sipson, Harlington and Harmondsworth. The main residents group was NoTRAG.

Jean spoke with a residents who were particularly concerned about the threat to Harlington and Harmondsworth and were worried about the focus on Sipson. They were keen to point out that other villages are under threat, and many more people will be affected than just the residents of Sipson.

The residents gave Jean and the bus a very warm welcome.

They expressed that the Greens were the only Party that they could trust, because we have such a strong record on opposing Heathrow expansion, on environmental issues and planning. The Greens won't put big business before the concerns and welfare of local communities.

There was a general feeling of anger, particularly against the main parties. They have spoken good words against airport expansion, but haven't stuck to that position when it's come to taking political action.

John Hunt (#7 on our London list for the European elections) introduced John Stewart and Jean, then both speakers delivered speeches. Jean then gave an interview to BBC London TV.

The bus then departed for Harmondsworth, and on to Chiswick!

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